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খুলনা প্রশিক্ষণ কেন্দ্র

The Training Department of BJMC imparts useful and necessary training to its officers, employees and workers. It has two regional training centres: one at Gul Ahmed Jute Mills Ltd in Chittagong region and the other at Jessore Jute Industries Ltd in Khulna region. The training program on the Foundation Course for the newly recruited officers, has been launched in both the centres since 15 May 2010.

While undergoing the training on Foundation Course, the trainees are introduced with the total production system in jute mills both theoretically and practically. They attend their classes as well as they visit various departments of the concerned jute mills. Study tours, excursions, games and sports are also arranged for them. At the end of their course, their performance is evaluated in different grades and certificates are awarded to them accordingly.

Besides the Foundation Course, the Training Department provides training to its officers, employees and workers compatible to their trade at the invitation from different Government and Non-Government reputed training organizations of home and abroad. About 102 officers, employees and workers have received such training so far since May 15, 2010. In order to provide Computer Training to BJMC personnel, the process of setting up a computer-training centre in the BJMC Head Office is under active consideration of the authority.

The Training Department is working hard for the development of the BJMC workforce.  In addition, the Department has launched Industry Attachment Program as a part of corporate responsibility. Students from different universities and institutes complete their Internship Program, required for BBA, MBA, B Sc and Diploma Engineering courses, in the jute mills under BJMC. About 130 students have completed their internship under this program so far.

BJMC Regional Training Centre, Khulna is similar to that of Chittagong in providing facilities of infrastructure and management system. The centre is situated at the compound of Jessore Jute Industries Ltd, Jessore. It is housed in two-storied building, which accommodates two multimedia Classrooms, Computer Lab (Under Process), Library room, Refreshment Room, Hall room, Office room and so on. Each Classroom can accommodate about 30 trainees with all modern technological facilities. The centre also offers residential facility to the trainees in separate buildings in healthy atmosphere.

The trainers, who are highly experienced in the jute sector, impart useful training to the trainees in modern method. Moreover, high officials from the BJMC Head Office visit the centre and deliver useful lectures to the trainees. The overall environment of the centre is simply attractive.

The Foundation Course for the newly recruited officers has been launched in the centre since 15 May, 2010.