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পাট বনাম কৃত্রিম তন্তু

Natural fibres have been found or have been raised. Synthetic fibres are manmade.
Natural fibres have been made of something that can be found in nature Synthetic fibres have been made in a factory of some sort.
Jute sacks can be used four times. Synthetic one can be used only once.
The percentage of leakage is low for jute bags. The percentage of leakage is high for synthetic bags.
Less pilferage in bags made of jute when hooks are used. The synthetic bags leak and become unusable If hooks are used.
The ignition temperature of jute is 193oc that is higher than synthetic. The ignition temperature of synthetic is 193oc that is lower than jute.
When burnt, jute emits the same fume as a burning wood, which is nothing dangerous. When burnt, synthetic emits the fume, which is dangerous.
Jute has no adverse effect on human body. Synthetic has some side effects.
Jute does not plug the natural pore of the earth soil and surface. Synthetic plugs the natural pore of the earth soil and surface.
Above all, the jute bags should be used for its eco-friendliness and long-term sustainable benefits. Above all, the synthetic bags should be avoided for its long-term adverse effect on human body and ecological balance.